Ethics Board Compliance

The Scope of Non-Interventional Clinical Research Institutional Review Board

Please read the scope of this board specified below if your research is qualified for submission.

- Studies that are planned to be carried out without requiring the direct intervention of a physician and without the need for any interventional procedure are taken into consideration.

Studies Within the Scope of Evaluation
- All observational studies (EXCEPT medicational/drug observation studies and/or medical device observational studies)
- Survey studies
- Studies based on retrospective archive scanning (File records, image recordings, etc.)
- Research to be carried out with archive (collection) materials obtained previously during routine examination, examination, analysis or treatment
- Cell or tissue culture studies
- Studies to be carried out with human genetic material outside of gene therapy clinical studies, and for identification purposes
- Research to be carried out within the boundaries of nursing activities
- Nutritional research
- Research on human body physiology (Exercise, etc.)
- Research based on anthropometric measurements
- Evaluation studies of living habits

Out of the Scope of Non-Interventional Clinical Research Institutional Review Board

- Studies involving interventional procedures are not taken into consideration.

- Interventional procedures such as blood sampling, tissue collection, saliva collection, urine collection, medical and/or dental examination, medical imaging, tooth extraction etc. are not considered within the scope of this board.